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Rheinmetall Secures Record-Breaking €8.5 Billion Order

Rheinmetall, one of Europe’s leading arms manufacturers, has achieved a new milestone with a record-breaking order valued at €8.5 billion. This significant announcement was made on Thursday through a statement on the company’s website. The order includes the supply of 155mm shells and various other caliber projectiles, with delivery scheduled for 2025. The countries participating in this extensive order are Germany, Estonia, Denmark, and the Netherlands. The primary…

21 June 2024
Ferrari’s Electric Ambition With New Model

Ferrari is poised to make a significant leap into the electric vehicle market, with its first all-electric car slated to start at a hefty price of €500,000. This information comes from sources reported by Reuters, highlighting Ferrari’s confidence in its ability to command premium prices even in the electric segment. The renowned Italian sports car manufacturer is on the brink of opening a new state-of-the-art factory designed specifically…

19 June 2024
Ryanair Reports Record Profit Despite Waiting for New Boeings

Ryanair, the Irish budget airline, reported a record profit last year despite delays in the delivery of new Boeings. The airline transported 184 million passengers in the past fiscal year, which runs from April to the end of March. This is nearly a quarter more than in the last year before the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, the company recorded a profit of 1.9 billion euros, a 34 percent…

21 May 2024
Google’s Major Search Update: AI-Powered Questions and Tasks

Google will soon allow users to not only search but also ask questions and give commands, thanks to a new update. Artificial intelligence will handle answering these questions and performing tasks, according to the tech giant. This update is one of the most significant changes to Google’s search engine in the past 25 years. “You’ll soon be able to ask anything that comes to mind or needs doing,”…

16 May 2024
Meta to Discontinue Workplace to Focus on AI Technologies

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has announced that it will discontinue Workplace, its enterprise-focused version of Facebook. The company has decided to shift its focus towards developing advanced AI technologies, which it believes will fundamentally transform the way people work. Users of Workplace will be able to use the service as usual until August 2025. Over the next two years, Meta will gradually phase out the service.…

16 May 2024

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