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EU Agrees to Restrict Import of Ukrainian Agricultural Products

The European Union has reached an agreement to curb the import of Ukrainian agricultural products. Governments of EU countries and the European Parliament reached a provisional deal on Monday, pending approval from the parliament. Following the Russian invasion, the EU had granted tariff-free export for agricultural powerhouse Ukraine to assist the country in generating additional […]

9 April 2024
Electra Plans Expansion of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Electra, a leading provider of charging infrastructure, has announced its intentions to deploy one hundred charging stations and six hundred charging points for electric vehicles in the near future. The company is set to open its inaugural charging station this year, marking its entry into the competitive landscape alongside the rapidly expanding Fastned. Electra aims […]

8 April 2024
China Launches Financing Program to Support Tech and Science Companies

The Chinese central bank has initiated a new financing program worth tens of billions of euros. The aim of the program is to assist smaller companies in the technology and science sectors with innovation and research. The program, valued at 500 billion yuan (approximately 64 billion euros), will see the central bank providing low-interest loans […]

8 April 2024
Apple Layoffs in California Linked to Canceled Projects

Apple has announced the dismissal of more than six hundred employees in the state of California. This decision comes in the wake of the company’s recent abandonment of two significant ventures: its proprietary car project and the integration of micro-LED displays into the Apple Watch. These cancellations have directly impacted the workforce, rendering some positions […]

5 April 2024

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