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Samsung Regains Top Spot in Smartphone Market

Apple failed to surpass Samsung as the largest smartphone brand in the first three months of 2024, according to figures from market researcher IDC. After years of a close race, Apple managed to surpass Samsung as the largest smartphone brand last year. The American manufacturer delivered slightly more smartphones than its South Korean competitor in […]

15 April 2024
Impact of Iran’s Response on Israeli Economy

Iran’s Response action on Sunday led to a minor loss on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The Israeli economy has been significantly affected by the turmoil in the Middle East and the ongoing conflict with Hamas. The primary index, TA-35, tracking the 35 largest companies on the Tel Aviv stock market, was slightly lower on […]

14 April 2024
US and UK Impose New Trade Sanctions on Russian Metal Exports

In a bid to tighten the economic noose around Russia amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the United States and the United Kingdom have introduced stringent measures targeting Russian metal exports. Effective immediately, significant restrictions have been placed on the trading of aluminum, copper, and nickel produced in Russia, impacting the operations of the world’s […]

13 April 2024
Lufthansa Cabin Crew Secure New Collective Agreement with Significant Pay Increase

After months of negotiations, approximately nineteen thousand cabin crew members of Lufthansa have secured a new collective bargaining agreement. They will receive a 16.5% wage increase along with a one-time payment of €3,000. The employees went on strike last month, leading to the cancellation of hundreds of flights and leaving thousands of passengers stranded. “We […]

11 April 2024

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