Chipmaker NVIDIA suffered a significant loss on Wall Street last Friday. The company, specialized in artificial intelligence, plummeted by 10 percent, resulting in a loss of roughly $200 billion. Investors have marked down the AI chip maker by 10 percent amid concerns that NVIDIA’s upcoming quarterly earnings may disappoint.

Just two months ago, NVIDIA soared on the stock market, gaining an additional $200 billion in value on Wall Street. Investors were then enthusiastic about the results of the world’s leading player in chips used for artificial intelligence. NVIDIA had broken records in the past quarter, with a 265 percent increase in revenue compared to a year earlier. However, expectations for the upcoming quarterly earnings are considerably lower.

Dutch chipmaker ASML had already released disappointing news earlier this week, causing Dutch chip companies to fall out of favor with investors for days. However, most major companies in the tech world have yet to report their earnings.

A possible factor influencing the current situation is Super Micro Computer’s announcement that it will not share any profit figures ahead of its quarterly earnings later this month, deviating from its usual practice. Analysts interpret this as a signal that the upcoming figures are likely to be unfavorable. Consequently, the market value of Super Micro Computer plummeted by more than 23 percent on Friday.