Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has announced that it will discontinue Workplace, its enterprise-focused version of Facebook. The company has decided to shift its focus towards developing advanced AI technologies, which it believes will fundamentally transform the way people work.

Users of Workplace will be able to use the service as usual until August 2025. Over the next two years, Meta will gradually phase out the service. This move is part of Meta’s broader strategy to concentrate on AI, which it sees as a key driver of future innovation and productivity improvements in the workplace.

Meta’s spokesperson explained that the decision to end Workplace was difficult but necessary. “We are committed to building AI technologies that we believe will fundamentally change the way we work,” the spokesperson said. “By reallocating our resources and focus, we can accelerate the development of these technologies and bring new solutions to our customers more quickly.”

To support its existing customers during this transition, Meta will help them migrate to Workvivo, an enterprise social network operated by Zoom Video Communications. Workvivo offers similar features to Workplace and is designed to facilitate communication and collaboration within organizations. Meta plans to assist customers with this transition over the coming months, ensuring a smooth and seamless move to the new platform.

Workplace, which was launched in 2016, currently has around 7 million paying subscribers. Despite its initial success, Workplace has faced stiff competition from other communication and collaboration tools, such as Microsoft’s Teams and Salesforce’s Slack. These competitors have captured significant market share, making it challenging for Workplace to maintain its growth and user base.

Billing and payment arrangements for Workplace customers will remain unchanged until August of this year, ensuring that there is no immediate disruption to their service. Meta has assured customers that they will have ample time and support to make the transition to Workvivo or another alternative that suits their needs.

In summary, Meta’s decision to discontinue Workplace is a strategic move to focus on AI technology development. By doing so, Meta aims to create innovative solutions that will enhance productivity and collaboration in the workplace, ultimately benefiting businesses and their employees.