Electra, a leading provider of charging infrastructure, has announced its intentions to deploy one hundred charging stations and six hundred charging points for electric vehicles in the near future. The company is set to open its inaugural charging station this year, marking its entry into the competitive landscape alongside the rapidly expanding Fastned.

Electra aims to have all stations and charging points operational by 2030. With a presence in eight European countries including France and Germany, the French company has recently inaugurated 35 charging stations in Belgium.

Fastned currently dominates the market as the sole company dedicated solely to electric vehicle charging stations. However, Electra’s strategy focuses on urban deployment, targeting locations such as supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels, while Fastned predominantly serves highways.

In parallel, Shell is intensifying its presence in the fast-charging sector. By the end of 2030, the energy giant plans to establish approximately 200,000 electric charging stations globally, though specifics regarding deployment in different regions are yet to be disclosed.