The Yard Fund

At SeventyFive Invest specializes in sustainable investing practices, aiming to create long-term value for clients. With a diversified approach and a team of seasoned professionals, we focus on delivering consistent returns through astute investment strategies.

The Ory Fund

 Represents a dynamic investment opportunity, combining short and long-term trades in a calculated risk approach. Like a well-tended garden, our strategies aim to cultivate opportunities for growth, seeking potential rewards while managing risk with precision.

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Market Stability Sees Growth as Euro-Dollar Pair Holds Steady

10 February 2024

Track all markets on TradingView Recent market sentiment indicates a growing consensus among traders, with an increasing number of operators foreseeing stable market conditions. In January, 43% of operators anticipate stability, up from 36% in December, while the percentage of those predicting downside risks has decreased from 18% to 13%. According to Massimo Mocio, President […]

Microsoft Overtakes Apple as the World’s Most Valuable Company

13 January 2024

Microsoft surpassed Apple on Friday as the most valuable publicly traded company in the world, reclaiming the position it briefly held on Thursday. Closing the week with a total market capitalization of $2.89 trillion (€2.64 trillion), Microsoft edged ahead of Apple, which closed at $2.87 trillion (approximately €2.62 trillion), a difference of 20 billion euros. […]

Bitcoin Surges Past $45,000 on Optimism Over Potential SEC Approval for Bitcoin ETFs

2 January 2024

Track all markets on TradingView Bitcoin has reached a milestone, surpassing $45,000 in value for the first time since April 2022. This significant surge, exceeding 4 percent on Tuesday morning, is attributed to optimistic expectations surrounding a favorable decision by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Investors are eagerly awaiting the SEC’s ruling, expected […]

Stay informed about the economy and financial markets. Reading financial insights and market news can help individuals make more informed investment decisions. It can also provide information on economic trends and events that may affect the performance of different investments. Additionally, it can help individuals stay up-to-date on changes in government policies and regulations that could impact the financial markets. Overall, staying informed about financial and market news can help individuals make more informed decisions about their investments and manage their financial portfolios more effectively.